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Driveways, Roadways & Culverts in Eastern Manitoba

For driveways, approaches and roadways in eastern Manitoba, the choice is clear: call B & B Schmidtke Trucking in Beausejour. We can dig a driveable path in a variety of landscapes to allow cars and trucks easier access. We can lay down a variety of materials for your road, such as gravel or dirt. Whether you need a driveway up to your house or an access road through a rural area of your land, our fleet of trucks is equipped to handle jobs both large and small.

We Install Culverts

If your road crosses over a waterway, we can install a culvert. This is a small tunnel that carries a stream or drain under your road. A culvert can help with drainage of the land and will allow your road to be harmonious with the local ecosystem by not disturbing water flow. By diverting water underneath your road, we can help prevent damage and avoid your road being washed away.

If you’d like to consult with us about a driveway or road, contact us today. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you with your personalized needs.


Locally Owned

Established in 2000, our family-run business offers personalized service

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