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Gravel & Soil in Eastern Manitoba: Levelling & High-Quality Topsoil

Not only can B & B Schmidtke Trucking handle excavating and demolition, we also have access to materials that we can transport to your site. When you require gravel and soil, we’re the ones to call. We can provide the best topsoil in the area. When you need excavation or landscaping, we can provide the materials to complete your project. We also have the gravel or soil to lay your road or driveway.

Ground Levelling

We’re the Beausejour area’s trusted source for ground levelling. When you need to flatten land for landscaping or future construction projections, we can flatten and smooth out the land. We can excavate your property, haul away the materials, and fill in the hole with gravel or high-quality topsoil.

From start to finish, we’re the trusted experts for ground levelling. Contact B & B Schmidtke Trucking for projects in eastern Manitoba.


Locally Owned

Established in 2000, our family-run business offers personalized service

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